By UmmoBear Manager - Posted Dec 9, 18

Hello there!

The leveling update hopes to keep people playing for longer by giving everyone fun goals to work towards. Which is a long way of saying you can now level up on HarmoniCraft! This is a new completely custom system we've made which allows players to gain EXP and level up to get new (and some old) rewards.

Leveling up is very simple, first off do /level to find out what level you are and how much EXP you need to reach the next level,

There are several ways to gain EXP, these are:

  • +1-4 for killing mobs
  • +100 for doing /reward to get your daily reward
  • +10 per vote
  • +50 every 30 minutes of ontime

New rewards:

Most importantly this is the new way to gain the 'ontime' ranks, currently Explorer, Lord, King and Legend can all be unlocked by hitting certain levels (And the final Harmoni rank will be unlockable soon)

As well as this there is a new cosmetic for donators! You can now change the star symbol next to your name in tab, do /symbols in game to see all the new symbols, and do /symbol [name] to change it once you unlock a new one.

Do /Rewards in game to see the full list so far (more will likely come in the future)

New commands:

  • /level [username] - Shows you the level of any player
  • /rewards - Gives you a list of all unlockable rewards though leveling up
  • /levelTop (/lt) - Shows the top 10 highest level players.

As always keep in mind this is an entirely new system and there are very likely some bugs with it, it is already known that changing your username will currently reset your level, if this happens contact either myself or Welhaven (Greychair) and we'll give you back your old level.