By UmmoBear Manager - Posted Dec 29, 17

After a long wait the Factions update is finally here! A ton of new features have been added, along with a new spawn and a map reset.

Here is a list of all the new features and changes:

  • Kit changes

All kits (apart from Daily) have been edited, all donator kits have been heavily nerfed, it will now take several days of claiming kits to make protection 4 diamond armor.

Kit weekly and weeklyplus have been entirely removed, and replaced with 2 new weekly kits. These are kit Raid and kit RaidPlus (For Knight+ users) they contain useful items for raiding, along with some handy obsidian.

  • Crates

Crates have been added! There are currently 3 crates: Vote Crates, Note Crates and Harmoni Crates. They all contain useful items, some of which cannot be obtained anywhere else!

Vote crates can be obtained by voting, although because of old plugins this feature is not quite complete yet.

Note Crates can be purchased in the noteshop for $150 Notes.

Harmoni Crates are the best crates, they contain some very powerful items. They can be bought for $1.50 in the donation store.

  • Custom Enchantments

Custom Enchantments are new useful enchantments you can put on your tools, these cost various amounts of XP depending on how good the Enchantment is. Use the command /ce to open the GUI, from there you can either browse enchantments, buy a random enchantment or buy magical dust that will help you enchant easier.

Custom Enchantment books look like this:

Drag the book onto an item to enchant it. Be careful though! If the Destory chance is too high the item might be destoryed while trying to enchant it, use magic dust to lower this chance.

  • Facitons Changes

The new factions command /f top has been added, this shows the top faction on the server.

PlayerVaults have also been nerfed, all donators get 1 playervault, and Master+ get 2 playervaults.

  • Auction House

The Auction House will soon be added too, this lets you sell items on the virtual market for other players to buy. This isn't quite finished yet and will be coming very soon.