Server Grand Reopening

By AgentRoop Manager - Posted Mar 15, 17

Grand Reopening

At long last, we have made a full reset of the server! All progress has been reset to create a level playing field and a rebalanced economy, adding a new competitive edge to the server that we haven't been able to see for well over a year. Although some long term players may be disappointed that they lost their progress, most have agreed that it was getting old to have so much money in such an inflated economy. In light of the need for a fresh start, the admin team has reset world data, inventories, balances, as well as Factions and Towny information. When you rejoin the server, you will be a new person! Ranks and Notes will be retained, but nearly everything else will be a fresh, new beginning.

Major New Features

Some important new features are being introduced that will change some aspects of the server. These will be explained below:

  1. Balances are now separate per server. You have a different balance in Factions than you do in Towny, KitPvP, or Skyblock. When you pay someone, the money goes to them inside of the server that you are in. This means money can't spread between servers and each one will have it's own economy.
  2. Worlds have been reset. This means there's plenty of new, unexplored land to uncover and adventure in.
  3. Sell prices of certain items have been adjusted. In general, we reduced the sell prices of some crops and mob drops so that mob farming and "mega-farms" can't be abused to get a ton of money on the server. To balance this out, we increase the sell price of items such as quartz, ghast tears, and elytra. This provides an economic advantage to players that explore the other dimensions in Towny and Factions.
  4. We added a /shop command to open a shop GUI. This makes shopping much more convenient through the menu system so that you can quickly buy the items you need without searching for them in a physical server shop. It's not entirely finished yet and more progress will be made on it over the coming days and weeks, and we are always open to suggestions for new items to add to it.
  5. There's a new Factions spawn. Built by Da_Bukket, it features a large tree surrounded by a hill on all sides, with a cave leading to portals to the nether and to the end. It also has no physical shop, because the /shop command is much more convenient.

Look For Bugs! And Enjoy!

Since we reset and manipulated a lot of data, there may be a couple things that are out of place or aren't working entirely perfectly. As with any major update, we expect there to be a couple things that need to be fine tuned and improved. Please, if you find anything that needs to be reported, post on the forums!

Thank you so much for your patience, we're very happy to have provided a fresh start for all players and look forward to seeing people enjoy more balanced and genuine gameplay.