- Players will warp to spawn if they fall off of Hub
- Fixed a bug when exiting Hub through a portal
- Fixed portal issue in Hub
- Survival's Hub miniature has been changed
- Fixed incorrect text on signs in Hub
- New Filter: basic protection against url shorteners
- Block connections now render proper for players using Minecraft 1.13.x
- Command /server opens the server menu
- Partially fixed serious bug with players being unable to use any commands
- Fixed bug with /shop not opening

Server Level:
- Donators with the correct server level can use /symbol to change their tab symbol
- Fixed typo in /rewards
- Fixed bug with /rewards menu not opening

- Skyblock has been reset! Please read this article for more information!
- New Skyblock-Nether
- New Shop
- New Island presets
- New kits for Ontime ranks
- Block values have changed
- Added Shop and Island Control Panel NPCs
- Added Chest Shop tutorial to Skyblock spawn
- PVP Arenas now function correctly

- Jobs not paying for certain actions has been fixed
- Jobs tags are set to off
- Registered Furnace amount has been increased to 200
- Registered Brewing Stand amount has been increased to 100
-- The above two changes ensure you are paid for using those items with Jobs

- Small block changes to Infinite Arena
- Players no longer lose hunger spectating Infinite Arena

New command /bug:
- Members can send reports with /bug add or /bug report
- Members can see full list of commands with /bug help
- When a report is sent through /bug, online admins will receive a notification
-- /bug list shows all open reports
-- /bug remove closes an open report
-- /bug clear closes all open reports
-- for security, only admins can execute these commands
- You're welcome to also post bugs you find on our Discord
- Misuse of the bug report command will result in removal of access