(Originally posted by AsianSugarCake, a wonderful Moderator on HarmoniCraft.)
AsianSugarCake's Tips On
A Good Application:
Hello There! This is just a quick list of tips when applying for staff. This is coming from the experience of a former application (As you all know :3).
The main factor on this section is basically honesty. We are able to tell what age you are just by the way you are going to type the application, your posts on the forums, and server actions. Not only that but we look forward to your Maturity level. Maturity level is basically the same thing as what I have just stated before, it’s the way you act. We will judge if you are capable of handling the work required as a staff member at HarmoniCraft.
How Long you've been playing Minecraft:
What we are trying to find out here is how experienced are you with minecraft. Do you adapt to updates quickly? Do you know all the crafting recipes? Do you know anything related to minecraft at all? This is just in case you run into an un-experienced minecraft player. You will have to be able to answer to the best of your abilities even if you don’t know the answer. If a player asks “How do you craft a hopper?” even if you don’t know might as well take time out of your playing time and google the recipe. We will also see how well you work with some of the plugins we have.
How Long you've been playing on HarmoniCraft:
This is also very similar to the last question. Basically what we are trying to see is how experienced around the server are you. Do you know all of the plugins we have? Do you know a lot of players on the server? Are you loyal to the server? When you have dedicated a very good amount of time on HarmoniCraft, that’s when we have a good feeling we are able to trust you. Also getting to know players is also a big factor. Gaining likes around the server and staying active is a great way to approach this section of the application. I’d suggest playing for at least a week, if not, even more.
A Brief explanation of your experience on HarmoniCraft
This is the big moment of your application where you can express your feelings about our server. As a staff member you need to be open to opinions. Feel free to state any opinions/suggestions about the server here. You can say what parts of the server are perfect or needs improvement. We also want to know how players picture you on the server. Would you describe yourself helpful? How about friendly? You can show us stuff like your Town or the Record you got on our Cave parkour. We just want to see how far you have progressed on our server and which parts of the server you are not used to yet.
Target Rank:
This is probably the easiest part of your application. Just list what rank you are aiming to earn if your application gets accepted. If you want to contribute more towards the server by helping, then I’d prefer going for the Helper rank. Going straight away for the Moderator Rank is a bit of a big jump and if you are anywhere thinking of applying for Admin, your crazy. But if you want to help by building for the server then you should apply for builder. A good idea is to build something massive that would impress us (Darkness888/TheDarkImprison). On the server you will be doing projects like parkour courses to Arenas for mobarena.
Any Past experience as staff:
This part of the application is where you should show any skills you have. Maybe you have worked on another server before and it shut down due to lack of funds. But if this is your first time, don’t be discouraged. Just because you have no experience at all doesn’t mean you have a lower chance of acceptance. People with more experience are able to use their skills enhanced in the past and perform them on this server. If you are applying for builder or developer then you must show us your experience coding/building. You can also show us your style of building/coding.
Why you want to be staff:
When typing this part of your application be sure to include what you hope to accomplish on HarmoniCraft. Do you want to help officialize anything? Would you like to Improve anything? Delete anything? Be expressive and include all of the things you want to do to help contribute to the growth of HarmoniCraft. If you are applying for Helper, Moderator, or even Administrator you must care greatly about the server’s future, growth, and success. You must also stay loyal and active towards the server.
Specific things you want to do as staff:
This is just like the last question. List what you hope to accomplish on our server. Maybe you’d want to improve something or even completely change it. Would you like to help moderate the server? Or would you like to help build massive buildings?
Why you would be a good staff member:
Here you must state what good qualities you have. Why should be select you? Why should be put aside all other applications just to accept this one? What makes you different from all applicants applying? These are all questions you should be able and you must answer on your application. What kind of skills do you have? Do you have any weak spots when moderating?
Other Comments:
Here you can post anything off topic of HarmoniCraft but somehow related to yourself. Like myself, I posted my daily life (My hobbies, dislikes, sports, skills, etc.). If you are a builder be sure to post some screenshots of your builds so be have a better understanding of your skills (Also before i forget, make sure you have proof that you are the one that built it.)
Other Things To Note:
-We have very high standards, meaning you will have to work at your greatest if you want to be even considered to the staff development team.
-A minimum of 1-2 weeks is suggested if you plan to apply for a rank that includes moderation in it.
-A clean history of mutes, bans, & kicks, is always going to benefit you whenever you are applying.
-Make sure people support you. People from the server should get to know you or at least think you are helpful.
-Set a role model. Be a role model for our server and help our server grow and become a better community.
-If your application gets denied, take time to look at the mistakes and weak spots of your application. When a staff member gives a result to your application, they will ALWAYS state their opinion and the reason why your application has been denied.
-Do not put polls on your applications for it is not for the community to decide who should be staff, it is for high ranked staff members to decide. However you are allowed to state your opinions on other applications. Just do not be mean in any sort of way.